Hey everyone! My name is Aida, I’m a sixteen year old girl from Bosnia. I live in the Netherlands and I just started this blog. Writing is my passion and this is blog is nothing more than a hobby to me. I’d love it if my blog would help someone out with a recipe or a review or with whatever I post on here. Just like my title says, it’s basically a blog with reviews, recipes, relaxation posts and a couple of rants.  I’m a girl with dead-ends hair because of all the hairdye and with a skin full of imperfections, so who’s a better guinea pig for trying out all those homemade products, anti-spot stuff and cover-up cosmetics? Exactly.. I started writing this blog in Dutch, but I decided to switch to English because I feel that I can interest more people with my posts like this. I enjoy writing and I hope you will also enjoy my blog. If you have any questions or if you need personal advice, feel free to send me an email at AidaRizvic@hotmail.com. Have a nice one!