Personal questions

Hey, everyone! Since I’m really, really busy with studying and my homework (and watching Forrest Gump), I didn’t really have time for wordpress these days and I feel really guilty about it. So, I decided to do a quick personal questions list to keep my blog updated a bit. I promise I will finish the DIY for HIM list in a while, I just have to make time for it. Let’s do this!


Which color is ruling in your closet? Black, I love black.
Do you have any designer pieces? I choose to believe I have a D&G jacket in my closet, but since I bought it for 4 euros on a flee market it is questionable..
What is the most expensive clothing piece you own? I don’t even own anything that is above like 30 euros.. Anything that looks expensive is made by my mom. Oh I should do a post about that!
How many bags do you have? 23 and definitely counting!
How high are your highest pair of heels? I think they’re about 17 cm and that being said, they also hurt the most..
Which store do you buy the most from? The H&M. I really have a love/hate affair with that store because the fabrics seem to get worse and worse every time I set foot in that store. However, the prices are okay, I guess. And yet, if you look at it differently, the place I get most clothing from is the market where me and my mom buy fabrics..
Favorite webshops?

Choose three products you can’t go without. My matte mousse by NYC, my eyebrow pencil from the LIDL and my body shop lipbalm (the new, gelly ones)
One make-up product you regret buying? No offense to the Body Shop, but I really regret buying their Tea Tree BB Cream. First of all, I bought the sand toned one, I always pick sand tone, and it was way too dark for me. And second of all, it smells like rubber.. Apparently that’s the Tea Tree but I really don’t like it.
What’s on your make-up wishlist? Quite some stuff from ELF actually. I want a new mineral primer, an eye make-up primer, new champagne colored eyeshadow and a few brushes.

Any religion? Nope, I do believe in destiny and karma though. I also believe that such a thing as coincidence doesn’t exist.
Hobbies? Mainly writing, cooking and being involved in make-up and fashion.
Weird fact? I can’t eat dinner with a door open or during commercials. I also can’t smoke during commercials, I really hate that.
Favorite color? Either black or white.
Languages you speak fluently? Dutch, English and Bosnian/Croatian. I aspire to add Russian to this list in the near future.
Favorite song? I had Free bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd on the top of my list for a long time, but currently my number one is It’s cool we can still be friends by Bright Eyes.

Okay, that’s enough for today everyone. Since it’s 00;40 in Holland, I shall go to sleep now. Goodnight and

Lots of love,