DIY for HIM: The Manly Man Box

Hello, sweetest readers! This is the second out of seven parts of my little DIY for Him project. Today, your cute present won’t be a couple of clicks and glitter pens away like it was here, yesterday. Let me introduce to you; The Manly Man Box!

I don’t know where, but I once came across this idea and I wanted to improve it a bit. You see, the first time I came across this concept it was a ‘Man Can’. I didn’t really feel like putting stuff in a can because 1. It’s so small what can even fit in a can? and 2. You can’t open and close a aluminium can whenever you want to. However, if you’re reading this and thinking ‘But a man can is way cooler’ then suit yourself, just keep reading because the concept of the Manly Man box is pretty much the same to me.

All right, let’s get started!

What is the purpose of the Manly Man Box? You basically take a cute box, stuff it with things that are for men (I will get to the examples below) and a couple of rose petals to make it a bit romantic.


What do we need to make this?
– A box
– Fake rose petals
– The deodorant you like the best on him
(Axe dark temptation, perhaps? And while you’re at it buy the matching shower gel!)
– Something you know he will really use. For example, I really wouldn’t want a boy to give me lotion because I’m too lazy and careless to use lotion. I’d be much happier if he gave me an cafeine-eye-roller to reduce puffy eyes and dark circles.
– Some candy
– A picture of you two in a frame or in a snow globe
– Whatever you want!

Okay, you’re ready to go! I hope you enjoyed my post.


Lots of love,