DIY for HIM: A tiny puzzle

Hey, everyone! Today I’m going to introduce a topic I will be busy with all week: Do It Yourself gifts for your man! The plan is to post one DIY gift every day, with instructions on how to make it. But why, Aida, whyyyy? Because websites with ‘great gift ideas for him’ or ‘special birthday gifts he will never forget’ are driving me insane! Every idea is so over-used and sometimes way too expensive. I just want cute gifts I can make by hand, personalize and make him happy with. These are presents I’d give (and already gave) just because I can. When it’s his birthday I’d buy something and personalize it just a tiny bit. It has to be unique, right?

Okay, instead of giving you the whole list of gifts I planned out this week, I’m just going to start off with one gift a day and let you wait. (If you happen to be in an emergency with gifts you can always email me at the account I put on my About page)

DIY for HIM : A tiny puzzle

Now, we’re going to start off with something simple that is just a few clicks and glitter pens away. This one time for Christmas, I gave my boyfriend a personalized puzzle. Since we didn’t really celebrate Christmas but wanted to get gifts for each other, I decided an adorable gift like this would be Ho-Ho-Homazing! (i’m so sorry) However, let’s take the creativity level up a notch: Instead of just uploading a picture of you two to the programme of a website that makes and delivers such puzzles, try making a poem or story with a cute background and some symbols or flowers or whatever you want. Like this, the puzzle will be slightly harder to make, and while he’s puzzling he’ll slowly figure out what you’re trying to tell him through the puzzle. When he completes it, he will be able to read it and not able of  holding back his love, woooh! 

Here’s my puzzle, just to give you an idea. ( I still have the box after all this time, I actually put all the puzzle pieces in a tiny cute box so that he didn’t have an example to follow) (I’m such a genius)

imageOkay, first of all you have to find a website which can make these customized puzzles. For my Dutch readers, HEMA has the greatest customized puzzles in my opinion, I already ordered on of their puzzles once and they gave me an editing program during the making of and I didn’t experience any trouble with the store. For any other readers, just google ‘order personal puzzle’ or something like that and you’ll find a good website in no-time!

Fast forward, when you have your übercute in your hands, you aren’t done yet! Take your best glitter pens and write on the back of each puzzle piece one reason why you love him. If this isn’t personal or unique enough then I truly don’t know what to say.

Okay, dearest girls, do your best, I hope you like this idea!

Lots of love,