Lime Crime Carousel Glosses Review

Hey, everyone! Today I’m reviewing two of my purchases of Lime Crime Make-up. Lime Crime is a quite interesting brand, it has really bright and far-from-basic colors for your lips, nails and eyes. Also, it has unicorns all over it’s packages so I was quite intrigued. After a lot of researching I decided to buy two of their Carousel Glosses, especially because I needed to have green lips for the contest I told you about in this earlier post today. So here, my dear readers, is a review of the two Carousel Glosses called ‘Present’ and ‘Hollygram’. Let’s get started!

The packaging
As you can see below, the glosses literally look like carousels. With unicorns and glitters and a cute lilac color I decided this is an irresistible package for the girly girls.


Let’s open them..


Okay, whenever you open these glosses you’ll find yourself struggling a bit with getting the gloss out of the bottle because it’s so sticky! However, the colors are really, really full, glossy, glittery and bright, just like Lime Crime promised. I’m very pleased with the colors. The brushes can be seen as unhandy by one person and convenient by another. It’s very personal whether you like the brush or not. Maybe it depends on what you are used to. I really like the brush, I haven’t experienced any problems with it so far.

on the hand

This is what the colors look like on my hand. The green color (Hollygram) is really a poison-color, which I absolutely adore! The pink one (Present) seems much lighter than what it actually is in the bottle and on my lips. The glosses are sparkling like crazy, wooh! Time to sparkle up my lips.

This is me with nothing on my lips.


The make-up I’m wearing is
Face: NYC Matte Foundation Mousse, Maybelline NY Fit Me nr. 115 powder and Essence bronze-colored blush
Eyebrows: Lacura Beauty Blonde Eyebrow pencil (an eyebrow pencil from the LIDL)
Eyes: Essence I love Style liquid eyeliner, Qianyu eyeshadow (creamy, glittery color), Essence basic black eyeshadow

Let’s put on the Present gloss!

present far


close present

It sparkles so much!!! The color is amazing and  the glosses both smell like Vanilla Extract!

Let’s put on the Hollygram gloss

hollygram far


hollygram close

Hollygram is such an intense and shocking color. I love it! Okay, now let’s get serious, because how long does it last? Well, let’s just say it’s the best if you don’t talk with these glosses on, because whenever you pronounce a word with a ‘P’ in it your lips will stick to each other for a second. It’s also for the greater good if you don’t smoke or use a straw because it will be the color of your gloss and you also shouldn’t eat. I’m not saying the color will wipe off of your lips entirely, because there will definetly be a stubborn stain on your lips for hours, just without the intensity and the sparkles, which is a real pity. I love wearing these glosses, but only for an hour or two because they tend to drive me insane.

Packaging: 9
Brush: 7
Color: 10
Texture: 2 (for the effort)
Duration: 1


If I could make the decision of buying these products again, I would definetly buy the Hollygram gloss again because I needed it for my contest and because it’s a great color. So basically, Lime Crime has interesting colored Carousel Glosses, and if you want a color to stand out with, be Lime Crime’s guest. The colors are really intense and beautiful. The more patient you are, the better you will like the Carousel Glosses.