Once upon a time..

Once upon a time there was a girl with no snapchat, facebook, instagram and no twitter either..

Hey, everyone! Today I’m going to talk about what I think about some of the social media sites and about why I deleted them/didn’t choose to sign up.
Now, it’s pretty ‘weird’ for a 16 year-old girl, with a smartphone and ipad and a regular camera and a polaroid camera and a laptop and two other tablets and a huge screen TV, not to have any twitter account and especially not even a facebook account. Yes, my dear reader, if we put this blog aside, I am a complete stranger to the internet. And I love it.

Did I ever have an account on one of the above?
Yes, I most certainly did. I was active on Twitter. A lot. Somehow I managed to get about 700 followers who apparently enjoyed reading my nonsense. And yes, it was nonsense, at the near end of my Twitter days I only tweeted wannabe poet stuff like ‘s k y’ and ‘blank canvas’. I am ashamed of myself, yes. However, everyone started to annoy me. Why would I be interested in some overly-in-‘love’ couple that can’t stop tweeting how much they ‘love’ each other and which stranger slept with who and if some slut has posted a nude? I found myself getting irritated by these kinds of tweets quite a lot, so instead of unfollowing one account at a time, I just deleted Twitter. There we go. One of the best decisions online I’ve ever made.

Why do I choose not to sign up for fb, snapchat, twitter and/or instagram?
Simple, I don’t care that much about the activities other people are busy with. I mean, if it’s really something special or shocking or whatever I’ll hear about it one time. My opinion is that it’s a waste of time and that there are so many ways to spend your time in a better, even more useful way. Also, I think it gets way too personal, being on a social media kind of thing. For example, if you have facebook, someone just has to search for your name, and there you are! Your whole profile is online and if you haven’t got a protected one, strangers can see your photos. <strong>Eeeep</strong>! No thank you. And what about snapchat? Send one pic where you pull an ugly face and it’s online forever.
Now a different point of view.. Do you ever see commercials or movies which contain a sexy, mysterious lady? You know, glancing at men but not saying a word, playing hard to get, always having that mysterious look in her eyes.. Ladies, how can you ever be her if all your selfies are all over the place? Men should be begging for a picture of you, not being able to have a glance at them while they’re a few clicks away. And if you tweet everything you think about, then what is left for you to talk about in real life? That’s why I’m not interested in such people (and especially not in girls) : Their whole life is online.

Besides, I feel it’s so much more quiet in my head when I don’t have to check my timeline, snapchats, dashboard and so on. My life has become much more relaxed since I deleted twitter. I can’t imagine what people must feel like if they have an account on all of the social media sites in the title.. Shivers!

Okay, readers. I’m done for today, I just wanted to show you a piece of my mind.