The Green Tea Project

Hey you! I know, I know, I promised you guys a review of my Magic Bullet mixer, but I didn’t really find the time for it today. So, instead, I’m going to inform you about a new project I’m starting from tomorrow on: The Green tea Project. Now, what does that mean? I’ve come across loads and loads of people (on the internet) which say they have lost weight due to drinking an overload of tea. Well, of course, it’s not just drinking tea and stuffing your face with junkfoods, they have changed their eating habits. Nan-Yu slimming tea, detox tea, Pu-Er tea, white tea.. There are a lot of them that are supposed to help you slim. But, what about Green tea? Green tea is well known for pumping up the speed of your metabolism, preventing various types of cancer and reducing hunger feelings. Since I am refusing to spend 20 bucks on some miracle tea, I’m going to try this green tea ‘diet’.

Current situation: Okay, I’m gonna be honest: I don’t work out and I like to stuff my face occasionally. I used to do yoga on a daily basis but since I got this virus that caused non-stop dizziness (for about two months!!) in January, I stopped doing it. Now that I’m better I should pick it up again but I’m having some trouble with that.. Hope I’ll be doing yoga again soon enough! And about the face-stuffing.. Yeah, next to my healthy smoothies and great superfoods and nutritional veggies I find myself snacking (in an unhealthy way!) quite often. You name it, cake, pie, chocolate.. I really want to reduce that, and I hope the green tea is going to help me with that.

The Diet: I’m going to drink 6 cups of pure green tea per day: 2 cups in the morning, 2 cups around lunch time, 2 cups in the evening. And I’m really gonna try my hardest to snack as little as possible. I’m going to follow this diet for about twelve days. I’d want to follow it for two weeks but I will be leaving for Finland on the 6th of May with school. However, I’m curious about what these upcoming twelve days will bring me!

And, of course, I’ll keep you up to date with a post next week and one before my departure. I really hope I’ll see some minor changes!