Step up your water game

Hey everyone! Today I’m going to write about this new water bottle hype at my school in order to try to get you excited for this new thing. Okay, so like a month ago one of my friends came to school with a couple of tangerine slices in his refilled water bottle. Um.. Come again? Yeah, apparently the fruit gives the water a bit more flavour, which is actually pretty logical. It also makes drinking water more ‘bearable’ for people who don’t really like the natural taste of water. So in no-time my group of friends started experimenting with stuffing fruits in water bottles and apparently more and more students started doing it. Fun to see and healthy to drink! However, I’m not here to talk about the new high school hype, I’m going to talk about taking this fruit and water thing up a notch..

Have you ever experienced travelling to an other country and being warned about the water there? Like, sure, maybe their water isn’t filtered enough, but how can you be so sure that the water from your place is so clean? Just because it’s tap water doesn’t mean it’s as clean and filtered as it gets. And here the Bobble bottle comes in. Bobble is a brand that produces water bottles with a built-in filter which is attached to the cap. The bottle has a modern, see-through design and the bottle caps are available in a bunch of vibrant colors.



First of all, if you want to step up your water game, this would probably be the best first step. I would highly recommend the Bobble bottle because it’s easy to use and it doesn’t even change the taste of regular water. Now, how to be the Queen or King of Detox Drinks; slice up a lemon and put about three slices in the Bobble bottle. If you’re like me (I can’t stand pulp) the filter will be a gift from heaven. Now, I don’t know if I’m slowly destroying the Bobble bottle with this, but I’ve been doing it for the last month and the bottle hasn’t shown any signs of disfunction. After all, it’s just a bottle.
However, about the lemon juice: It’s proven that a few lemon drops in your water speeds up your metabolism, gives you more energy and helps your body digest food better. Lemon juice is also used frequently for diets. And actually, I’m living the living proof. The past month I’ve been drinking one Bobble bottle with lemon slices a day and I’ve been eating regularly. You know, I try to be healthy and eat superfoods and stuff but then I have a few days when I eat three ice cream sandwiches in a row.. So basically, I have been stuffing my face from time to time. And yet, I managed to lose a tiny bit of weight! And I think the lemon slices were my magical little helper..

So, if you’re interested in the Bobble bottle, take a look over here. And if you don’t want to spend no money on a water bottle, then I would really recommend to start experimenting with pieces of fruit (and maybe mint leafs?) in your water. Have fun!