Almond milk smoothie recipe

Hey everyone! I’m quite a busy bee today, so here’s another post. In this post I’m gonna discuss why a lot of people are switching from regular milk to almond milk. Also I’m going to give you a recipe for a delicious smoothie I made this morning. Okay, let’s get started!

The first time I read online that people are switching to almond milk I really couldn’t understand why. I figured it was some-sort-of-unique-modern-age-hippie-kind-of-thing. Turns out, it isn’t. Apparently almond milk has more vitamins and minerals than regular milk does. It’s also lactose free because it’s made out of almonds and water only. Now, you could think ‘but what about all the people who are allergic to nuts?‘ Did you know there are more people who are lactose intolerant than people who are allergic to nuts? And the higher dose of nutritional value and no-lactose is not the end of the pros of almond milk. Almond milk contains less carbohydrates than regular milk, which makes it a more convenient beverage for diabetics. It also doesn’t contain cholesterol and saturated fats, which makes almond milk a better drink than regular milk for people who are at risk of a heart disease. Moreover, it is known that almond milk contains more healthy fats. Well, what did you expect, it’s made out of almonds! You’d think that almond milk would have more calories than regular milk now, because of the fats. FALSE. Almond milk only has 50 kcl per serving (at least, my ‘alpro soya’ almond milk does..) while regular milk counts up to 100 kcal!   Almond milk has a pleasant, nutty flavor and can easily be used in cakes, muffins, cookies, and so on. Okay, I could go on about almond milk all day, but this is basically the summary of all the pros about it. With a little bit of google research, you’ll find out way more. Time for a recipe!

smoothie cocoa
What you will be needing
– almond milk
– one banana
– one teaspoon of cocoa
– one big spoon of (Greek) yoghurt
– one teaspoon of honey

What you need to do
Slice the banana into pieces, add the rest of the ingredients and mix it up! I usually do it with my Magic Bullet mixer, a review will be posted tomorrow. Afterwards pour it in a glass and enjoy your sweet, healthy smoothie.

Have a nice one!