Look what I found!

Attention to all of you broke college students, fashionista’s, shoppers, flee market lovers and many, many more of you! Thanks to one of my friends I installed this great new app and I’m… Continue reading

Personal questions

Hey, everyone! Since I’m really, really busy with studying and my homework (and watching Forrest Gump), I didn’t really have time for wordpress these days and I feel really guilty about it. So,… Continue reading

‘What was she wearing?’

First of all, yes, I believe raping is horrible and the people who do this to other human beings are seriously sick in the head and need help immediately. Rape cannot be justified.

DIY for HIM: The Manly Man Box

Hello, sweetest readers! This is the second out of seven parts of my little DIY for Him project. Today, your cute present won’t be a couple of clicks and glitter pens away like it was here, yesterday. Let me introduce to you; The Manly Man Box!

DIY for HIM: A tiny puzzle

Hey, everyone! Today I’m going to introduce a topic I will be busy with all week: Do It Yourself gifts for your man! The plan is to post one DIY gift every day, with instructions on how to make it. But why, Aida, whyyyy? Because websites with ‘great gift ideas for him’ or ‘special birthday gifts he will never forget’ are driving me insane! Every idea is so over-used and sometimes way too expensive. I just want cute gifts I can make by hand, personalize and make him happy with. These are presents I’d give (and already gave) just because I can. When it’s his birthday I’d buy something and personalize it just a tiny bit. It has to be unique, right?

Life with: Depression

Today I’m going to talk about coping with depression. Don’t worry, I won’t make a sob story out of it, and I’m not going to write about what depression is in details. I just want to share some experiences with you all.

Lime Crime Carousel Glosses Review

Hey, everyone! Today I’m reviewing two of my purchases of Lime Crime Make-up. Lime Crime is a quite interesting brand, it has really bright and far-from-basic colors for your lips, nails and eyes. Also, it has unicorns all over it’s packages so I was quite intruiged. After a lot of researching I decided to buy two of their Carousel Glosses, especially because I needed to have green lips for the contest I told you about in this earlier post today. So here, my dear readers, is a review of the two Carousel Glosses called ‘Present’ and ‘Hollygram’. Let’s get started!

Living my dream

in order to get criticized and sometimes not recognized, I have entered a couple of writing contests in my life. Unfortunately, I was treated unprofessionally. No feedback and actually not even a form of contact with the contest. All there was were some almost automated emails with ‘thank you for entering the contest’ and ‘we’re sorry to tell you you didn’t win’ text in them. And when I googled the stories of the winners, I found myself raging because the stories weren’t even interesting enough to keep me focused on reading them.
And then, some new contest came along. It’s called “Kunstbende” and it basically means “Artgang”. It’s a contest for 13 to 18 year-olds. Well I’m sixteen so why wouldn’t I give it a chance? Exactly.

Once upon a time..

Once upon a time there was a girl with no snapchat, facebook, instagram and no twitter either.. Hey, everyone! Today I’m going to talk about what I think about some of the social… Continue reading

The Green Tea Project

Hey you! I know, I know, I promised you guys a review of my Magic Bullet mixer, but I didn’t really find the time for it today. So, instead, I’m going to inform… Continue reading